Nominations for 3 Euro Group editor (Tuesday, September 17th)


Hello! I'm Mathieu Dorey,I'm the new editor . I want this website to be the best and the most pleasant for you and for us . If you want to propose us ideas you can write an e-mail at .

Let's discover the job... (Sunday September 15th)


We are new to the job of journalist so we have to learn what we are expected to do, how to write an article, how to choose a topic and broadcast it...

Two professional journalists will come to the school and present us their job.

  • On Thursday, September 19th, Mrs LEMEUNIER, editor at France Bleu Cotentin;

  • On Tuesday, September 24th, M.GOUHIER, editor at La Presse de la Manche in Cherbourg.

Moreover, we are going to attend an editorial conference at France Bleu Cotentin.

  • On Friday, September 20th for the 14 journalists of the 3 Euro group.

  • On Friday, September 27th for the 11 journalists of the 4 Euro group.

I'd like to thank Mrs LEMEUNIER and M.GOUHIER for their help, advice and nice collaboration.                                                                  


Nominations (Sunday, September 15th)


On Tuesday, September 10th, we proceeded to the nominations for the roles of editors in 3 Euro and 4 Euro.

Zoé LEGRAND was voted editor for the 4 Euro journalists crew. 

For the 3 Euro group, the final vote will take place on Tuesday 17th. 


You will get to know our 25 journalists soon.


Welcome! (Sunday, September 15th)


This is the brand-new website of the Euro class of Collège Emile Zola in La Glacerie. This website is the visible part of our project called 'Inquire and inform' for this school year 2013-14. The 25 pupils of the 4B / 4C / 3C and 3D Euro groups are going to play the part of journalists and  inquire, investigate, interview, film, make audio and video reports, write articles to inform you the best they can. Enjoy!


                      M.Mével, editor in chief,  English teacher. 

2013-14 Euro class (Thursday, September 19th)

This is our group of 4 Euro (4B and 4C ) and 3 Euro (3C and 3D):

Front row, from left to right: Arthur Beurton , Dorianne Rolippe, Alexandre Heuze(4 Euro group editor) , Charlotte Lefèvre, Jade Fradet, Chloé Pasco, Jules Audrain.


Second row: Zoé Legrand, Audrey Lefrançois, Juliette Gouhier, Margaux Jardin, Maud Grenier,Elodie Lamour, Mathieu Levavasseur, Maëva Mesnage, Aurélien Delacotte (our computer technician, 3 Euro group editor), Romane Plassart, Valentin Ropers.


Back row: Mathilde Bled, Iléana Pissis, Julien Jouan, Geoffrey Sambuchi, Mathieu Dorey, Nolwenn Deroff.


This is how we work...(Tuesday, December 3rd)

Arthur Beurton has made a timelapse about Ez News to show you how we work. You can see the life of the editorial staff in the newsroom. Good job Arthur!


Happy New Year! (Tuesday, January 7th).

The staff of EZnews wish you the best for the year 2014 to come.


New editors... (Thursday, January 9th)

As the term of Mathieu Dorey and Zoé Legrand as editors came to an end, we have proceeded to elections and Aurélien Delacotte and Alexandre Heuzé were elected new editors.

Thank you Mathieu and Zoé for your good job and good luck Aurélien and Alexandre  !

 School trip to London (Thursday, January 16th)


The Euro school trip to London is getting closer. We will go from March 31st to April 4th. So it's time for us to start preparing this event.

We have created a new section called 'London 2014'. You can read a presentation of the trip, discover the different places we are going to visit and get informed about the British way of life.




 School trip to London (Thursday, April 17th)


The journalists from EZNews and Euronews are now back from London where they spent a great week: sunny weather, wonderful visits and a positive state of mind.....This trip has left good memories for everyone.

Now you can have a look at our presentations of the different visits in the section 'London 2014'.


Easter Tea Party !


We invite you for a Easter Tea Party ! On Thursday, 24th April from 2.30pm to 3pm in 'Salle des Conseils'.We will look at the photos of the trip to London and we will present the different visits.We will also enjoy some cakes and sweets and have a drink ! We are looking forward to meeting you !


                                                                                     The 4BC Euro class


The Euro Class presents....'Inquire in London'.

Have a look at the photos and videos from our trip to London.


London through Arthur's eye...

Arthur, our official cameraman, has filmed our trip with his beloved GoPro camera. 

You can now discover our experience through a different point of view.